11 Tips on How To Order If You Want To Eat Healthy While Dining Out

Eat Healthy While Dining Out

Being out and about shouldn’t be an excuse to stray from your clean diet. It’s become common knowledge that no matter where you eat, the food served in restaurants is still categorically worse than the food you prepare yourself at home, so many people just accept that you have to take a break from your clean diet when deciding to eat out.

However, there are many ways for you to still remain healthy when it comes to your food choices. Many restaurants in towson offer healthier options, but below are a few various ways you can keep healthy even while dining out.

  1. Ask for a healthier way to prepare your food

As a paying customer, you have the right to request for a healthier way to prepare the food you ordered. For example, if something on the menu indicates that it’s fried, request for the chef to grill it instead. If it comes with a side of french fries, request that it be replaced with some vegetables. Requesting for a smaller portion of meat that usual is also a good way to go about this.

  1. Ask for more veggies

Similar to the first option, there is nothing wrong with asking to triple the vegetables in your meal. If something comes with a side of vegetables, have them serve more so that it’s three or four times the indicated serving.

  1. Ask the server how the food is prepared

Don’t just go by the menu and trust that a cholesterol-free meal is indeed free of calorie-dense oil. Make sure that you know how everything is prepared so you doesn’t get fooled into thinking you’re eating healthy when you’re not.

  1. Beware of menu items that claim “low-carb”

While many restaurants in Towson have discovered the value of having low-carb options, it doesn’t automatically mean that all low-carb meals are also low in calories. Remember that the meal was or is going to be prepared by someone else and not you, so beware.

  1. Go for double appetizers

Instead of ordering a full meal or entree, consider skipping it and ordering two appetizers for your dinner, since more often than not, it’s enough for a filling meal.

  1. Ask to box half of the entree so you don’t have to finish the whole thing.
  2. Order a salad before anything else, so you don’t overeat after.
  3. Remember that salads shouldn’t be fatty, so avoid anything in creamy sauces and too much bacon. Raw vegetables marinated vegetables should take the top seat.
  4. Watch out for the salad add-ons

Salads should be healthy, but add-ons can quickly counter the healthy contents of a salad order. Too much cheese, mayo, or meat can quickly rack up the calories. To be safe, order a salad with only vegetables in it.

  1. Check the restaurant’s menu before even leaving home

Save time in checking out restaurants by looking at the menu before you go. Most restaurants have their menus posted on their website, so this should be easy.

  1. Skip the breadbasket

Most restaurants serve a bread basket as you decide on what to order. Ask the server to not do this instead.

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