This woman says that all those who don’t believe in this method, to try it out themselves.

You have probably heard about the technique of wrapping some parts of the body using plastic wrap, as a method to lose weight. However, did you know what can happen if you go to sleep with a plastic wrap on your stomach every night?

One woman tested this and she was amazed with the outcomes.

“After giving birth three times, my stomach wasn’t attractive and flat. My friend advised me to purchase bandages, seaweed lotion and plastic wrap, in order to lose weight” – said Coleen.

She put a thin layer of the seaweed lotion on the stomach, placed the plastic wrap, and put on the bandages. Then she went to sleep.

“When I woke up, I removed the bandages and the wrap and measured the length of my waist. I was shocked. I lost about 2.5 during the night” -claimed Coleen, amazed with her results.

She says that all those who don’t believe in this method, to try it out. The secret of the method lies in the accumulated water loss. Summer is an ideal period for this, because there is an additional influence from the perspiration and excess fluid removal.

But, the success of this weight loss method is short-term, since water is constantly compensated, so we recommend combining it with proper exercise and diet, in order to achieve a perfect waistline.



• it’s best to choose a lotion that contains something from the ocean: mud, kelp, seaweed
• plastic wrap
• and bandage wrap

It is a very easy process!

1st step – Apply a layer of seaweed lotion on the affected area. Don’t rub it completely. You can apply it on the stomach, thighs, upper arms, and wherever your problematic spots are.

2nd step – Wrap the whole area with the plastic wrap a couple of times. Don’t wrap it too tight; you would need to wear it the whole night.

3rd Step – Then wrap the area with some king of long bandage or anything that is going to keep the wrap where it should. Make sure to completely cover the plastic.

Secure it and you are ready!

The idea is that this method will help your body release the retained water as a result of food consumption or weather. The combination of plastic wrap and lotion will help you release sweat.

“I tried it and I am amazed by the result! This will help you get your swimsuit body ready,” claims Coleen.