1. Meat paste
Meat pastes are products with the worst quality since they contain the cheapest kind of meats. A meat paste contains a lot of salt, whose taste is not felt due to the presence of dextrose, water, spices, fats, starch, animal skin and animal inner organs. Pork meat pastes are usually better than chicken meat pastes since the chicken meat is mechanically prepared. Meat pastes in tubes are even worse than the regular once.

The vegetarian pastes from soy, tomatoes and mushrooms are loaded with herb oils, and generally they contain more fats than the meat pastes.

2. Margarine

Many people replaced butter with margarine because of the belief that animal fats are bad for the body. Margarine is also cheaper than butter.

Margarine is usually made of sunflower or corn oil with the process of hydrogenation. This process converts liquid oils into solid. Margarine according to law must contain added vitamin D, E and A. During the production of margarine trans fats are created. It is scientifically proven that these fats increase the bad cholesterol levels and decrease the good cholesterol levels. Therefore, the consumption of margarine is linked to the appearance of cardiovascular diseases.

Whether animal fats are bad or not is still a subject of discussion, yet there are many proofs that trans fats are dangerous even in small doses. Even though the production of margarine is increasing and the amount of trans fats in margarine is only 1%, butter does not contain trans fats and is rich in natural vitamins that the body can absorb more easily than the artificial vitamins.

3. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise mainly consists of sunflower oil. 100 grams of mayonnaise contain more calories than 100 grams of bacon. Moreover, bacon contains proteins and substantial amounts of vitamin A.

Light mayonnaises contain less fats, but they still don’t have any nutritional ingredients in them. Mayonnaises with olive oil contain only 15% of this oil. The rest is corn or sunflower oil. Nowadays, we use large amounts of sunflower oil, and we don’t need more amounts of this oil to be introduced to our bodies through mayonnaise.

4. Cream cheese

As meat pastes are not made from meat only, cream cheese is not made of cheese only. Moreover, the process of producing cream cheese is very similar to the process of producing meat paste. Besides cheese, these products contain water, salt, proteins, fats and other strange ingredients. During the production process all of the probiotic and other useful bacteria for our digestive system are destroyed and some of the air in cheese is removed as well.

To summarize, cream cheese contains more calories and salt than regular cheese, and no probiotic bacteria.

5. Chocolate substitutes

Chocolate is an excellent ingredient since it contains cocoa. Cocoa contains antioxidants that slow down the aging of the cells and phytonutrients that improve concentration, blood flow in the brain, mood and protect the blood vessels.

According to law, products that don’t contain enough amounts of cocoa cannot be declared as chocolate. These products may be called chocolate substitute, cocoa bar or sugar bar. Chocolate substitutes contain more sugar, and instead of butter they contain palm oil or hydrogenated herb oils.

Even though chocolate contains 50% of sugar, it does not cause insulin reaction because of the presence of fats. Normally, the amounts of sugars consumed must be limited, so if you love chocolate eat chocolates that contain high amounts of cocoa.

6. Energy drinks

Enegy drinks contain stimulants such as caffeine and taurine and sugars unless the energy drink is a diet type. These products contain more caffeine than coffee, and the combination of caffeine and taurine is terrible.

All of these stimulants dehydrate the body, increase the blood pressure and heart beat and prevent the normal sleep. These drinks must not be consumed during physical activity, since they increase the chances of losing too much water and electrolytes through the sweating and the diuretic effect of caffeine.

Mixing alcohol with an energy drink is dangerous since the energy drinks work as stimulants and the alcohol as a sedative. The stimulating effect of energy drinks enables the ability to know how much alcohol you drink and how does it affect you. This mixture also dehydrates the body even more.

7. Soy products

Soy contains antinutrients that prevent the absorption of minerals such as magnesium, zinc and iron. Even though soy contains a lot of proteins, it also contains protein inhibitors, so the body cannot use the soy proteins completely.

Men should avoid soy, since phytohormones in soy reduce the production of testosterone and increase the production of female hormones.

If you love soy choose fermented soy products such as tofu cheese and soya sauce.

In conclusion, we must pay attention to what we consume. We must read the labels on the products in order to have a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity is also essential if you want to stay healthy.