One kid convinced his mother, who was suffering from BCC (basal cell carcinoma) skin cancer to put a paste made of baking soda and coconut oil on the affected area. With this simple trick she defeated cancer. The women refused to do the treatment but after the discovery that many people have cured cancer with this simple mixture, she agreed to it.

She had 3 operations but none of them helped her. Her situation was getting worse and she decided to try a natural recipe that included baking soda and cold pressed coconut oil. She had information that the coconut oil has regenerative power and that is why she applied the paste on the area without rubbing it.

She also used Polysporin Triple 3 Antibiotics and another thing that you may use is some antibiotic that can help you to prevent infections. You can use soaked cotton in colloidal silver.

You should not proceed to put the cream when the wound closes. Also she used cotton ball soaked in vinegar along with the baking soda and coconut oil to apply on the skin. That is how the baking soda penetrates deep into the carcinoma root under the surface of the skin. If you want to get better results you need to use DMSO as a better solvent.

The treatment of the lady lasted 38 days and after the treatment she cured cancer and the scar healed. Another skin cancer that can be more mortal than the BCC skin cancer is the melanoma. Still the BCC skin cancer will proceed to spread if it is not properly treated.

Baking soda is a cheap ingredient and everyone has it in their homes. Remember to use the one that contains no aluminum. We all have the information that the tumors mostly live in acidic environment. Baking soda alkalizes the environment.

Dramatic life and a sad story

Vernon Johnston discovered that he has prostate cancer. It developed stage 3 and the man did not have any money. He was divorced and the cancer started to spread in the area of the hips. After few doctor’s appointments and therapies he was convinced to start using substances that will make his organism more alkaline.

He used blackstrap molasses along with baking soda, instead of maple syrup. The blackstrap molasses helped in the opening of the cancer cells in order to become more affected by the baking soda and its alkaline properties.

He used the mixture approximately 2 weeks and the scan discovered that the cancer cells stopped spreading. Vernon was sitting under the sun, used breathing exercises in order to increase the oxygen and consumed only raw fruits and vegetables. He wrote a book about his health and gave a lot of lectures.

Producing comes along with alkaline. You have to know that many alkaline substances cannot make your body alkaline, and many acidic products, including lemons become alkaline in the body. Remember that you do not have to drink alkaline water in order your body to become alkaline and the baking soda is alkaline, but it also makes the environment alkaline.

According to dr. Mark Sircus the baking soda is a remedy that can fight cancer. Also one oncologist from Italy uses solution made of baking soda and injects it in the blood vessels to fight tumor.

There is nothing more effective than baking soda. The cancer can develop much more quickly on fungal colonies and that even they can create cancer.

It a very clear that we need more examinations for baking soda and it needs to be considered as a treatment against severe diseases.