We all say to ourselves, I wont worry as much, I will start dieting from Monday on, I will do this and that and then we really don’t do anything. But when reality sets in, health problems overcome.

Irregular blood pressure is one of them. It is a common and yet a highly neglected health issue. Blood arteries are responsible for transporting the oxygen and nutrients to our cells, so when they get clogged or damaged we suffer from blood pressure problems. So, in order to maintain a good general health condition we have to try to keep our arteries clean, free from toxins and bacteria.

That’s why today we would like to share with you a simple home made blood pressure remedy. A remedy that has gotten people talking, doctors whispering at medical conferences and has become a world-wind finding.

This remedy will have effective and powerful healing effects on your overall health. It is especially good at eliminating blood fats, cleaning clogged arteries and keeping the blood pressure levels in check.

This blood pressure remedy contains all of the needed nutrients and vitamins, that not only will clean your liver and your arteries, but also it will shield you from common flu and infections.

The good thing about it is that it will help you strengthen your entire immune system in general.

Below is the detailed preparation of this blood pressure remedy.


• 8 lemons
• 8 gloves of garlic
• 4 liters of water
• 2 Inches ginger (5 cm)

Level of preparation difficulty:

– piece of cake

1. Peel and chop the lemons in pieces.
2. Add the chopped lemons and garlic into the blender
3. Mix well until you get a homogenous mixture.
4. Pour the mixture in a pot filled with water and ginger and let it boil
5. Remove the pot from the stove when it starts boiling.
6. Let it cool and strain the mix


Drink this remedy twice a day two hours before each meal. For optimal use, start with a light physical exercise. Soon enough you will notice the wonderful results!