Almost all women wear a bra throughout the day and some of them wear it even during the night.

There are many shapes, colors and sizes of the bras. However, wearing a bra will not make your breasts look more attractive. On the contrary, squeezing the breasts in the bra may leave negative consequences on your breasts. It affects not only their attractiveness, but their health as well. Take off your bra and you will see the positive effects on your breasts!

Your bra cup size will increase

It is really possible that if you do not wear your bra that often your cup size may increase, from a B-cup it may become C-cup. Without the bra you would use the pectoral muscles more and resist the gravitational pull on the breasts. You need to know that your breasts will not become fuller in the way you want, but their shape may change in a natural way, making them seem perky and bigger.

The shape of your breasts will become nicer

Many women believe that wearing the bra may prevent your breasts to sag, which is not always true. The recent French study has shown that removing your bra might make your breasts look perkier.

Your bust will be healthier

Certainly, the bras are not bad for your breasts health, but according to the very same study we mentioned earlier, wearing the wrong bra size may cause discomfort and many other unpleasant effects, such as shortness of breath as well. If you do not wear bra the blood circulation will improve, you would use the chest muscles more and it will be more hygienic too since the body sweat will not be accumulated between your breasts and the bra.

You will feel better without a bra

Most of the women feel great after taking off their bras, especially if the bras were not comfortable but they had to wear them for the whole day. Imagine enjoying this feeling throughout the whole day! This actually questions your necessity to wear a bra.

You will sleep better

According to a certain study, wearing a bra during the night may cause sleeping disorders, which is a main reason why some women do not get enough sleep.

You will save money

The stylish bras can be really expensive, while the cheaper ones usually have poor quality and you have to buy new bras more often. You can save a lot of money if you stop wearing them.

The blood will circulate better

The bras have tight elastic and when it touches your skin the blood vessels are pinched, preventing the blood to circulate properly. This may cause feelings of fatigue or lethargy and may influence your overall health. Taking off your bra will make you feel more alert and fit!

However if you participate in some endurance sports or your cup size is pretty large then it is recommendable to wear a well-fitted type of bra. If not, then take into consideration the things we have written about.