In the article we are going to discuss an amazing event that recently has been published on the social network.

It has been published by a woman who had experienced some aesthetic issue. Namely, in the article we will not talk about some kind of drink that will change your appearance, but we will talk about a natural home-made treatment for unpleasant warts. It is not so important why the wards are found, but it is important how unpleasant they can really be. Just, imagine having one right on your nose. It would be so awful, isn’t it? Mainly, people who have face warts, usually suffer from self confidence of self esteem. However, we are lucky to have this natural treatment as a solution to the problem.


HPV (human papiloma virus) is the main reason for the appearance of warts. There is a tendency for warts to appear most often on the hands or the feet, but there is also possibility to have warts on the face, or especially on the nose. Sometimes, warts can disappear by themselves, on their own, but sometimes not.

According to the woman’s story her wart on the nose seemed like a cauliflower. She felt desperate and she wanted to eliminate the wart in any way. An old friend of her who had seen the problem told her not to be so desperate, since there is a natural home-made treatment or solution to his problem. Her friend also told her that this natural treatment has beneficial effects, since it has been used for a lot of years by her grandmother.

Immediately, they went to the bazaar and then straight home. She first cleaned and then grinded one clove of a garlic. After that, she put some of the garlic mixture on a cotton ball and applied it on the nose wart. Then, she put a bandage on it. She changed the cotton ball twice per day. After 5 days, the nose wart started to disappear. It seemed a lot faster than a cosmetic surgery that needed at least 2 weeks recovery. Although the wart disappeared she is still unsecure since it may appear again. That is why she usually checks the wart sport every day for at least three months. However, she had not noticed any signs of it yet. To add, the come-back of the virus would not be a rare case. However, with healthy food that will build up the immune system, the body will be able to control it.

To sum up, garlic is a natural and healthy, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral type of ingredient that aids to body to get rid of a bit of diseases.