It is well-known that the immune system defends our organisms from diseases and infections and that is why we should make an effort to improve its function.

Our immune system protects us from various bacteria and microorganisms which we are constantly exposed to and which may cause infections in our body. If its function is impaired the risk of getting an infection is higher. The immune system’s protection consists of organs, cells network and tissues that are working together for our own benefits.

Our lungs are vitally important organs since their proper function keeps the heart and the brain safe. They also store the oxygen in the process of inhaling and eliminate carbon dioxide in the process of exhaling. If a mucus is being accumulated in the nose cavity it may lead towards obstruction and difficulty in breathing, which affects the lungs function as well.

The experts advise the people facing these problems to try out a homemade remedy which may eliminate the accumulated mucus in the nasal cavity and strengthen and improve our immune system. The remedy is completely safe and beneficial for both children and adults.

The children usually come in contact with various microorganisms while playing, especially in dirt, and that is why they get sick so often.

Children’s immune system is constantly in progress and it keeps them safe from many diseases. The common diseases that usually affects them are cough and cold, which usually do not cause serious health problems.

However, if they last longer than expected, they may cause accumulation of the mucus in the lungs, which may become serious if the treatment is not successful. The secretion that our bodies produce on a daily basis is called mucus. Its quantity varies from 1 up to 2 liters daily.

It is usually removed from our bodies through the saliva and the sputum from the mouth, but if it is a result of a cold or allergy it may block the breathing tubes and cause unpleasant symptoms.

If these symptoms proceed for longer, they may cause serious problems, especially if the sputum is greenish or mixed with blood. This should not be ignored and it requires further examinations of the lungs.

As we mentioned earlier the main function of the immune system is to protect our bodies from the harm caused by foreign bodies and microorganisms. In order to boost the immune system and increase its protection ability we offer you a recipe of a homemade remedy which is really effective:

You need:

• A glass of honey
• A glass of water
• Oats

Firstly, you have to wash the oats and mix them with the honey and the water. The glass you use should be of 100 ml capacity. The mixture should boil for several minutes and you must not use it until the next morning. Then pour the mixture in a glass bottle and store it in a fridge.

The experts advise that you should drink 30 or 40 ml of the mixture every morning on an empty stomach for forty days. After this period you have to take a break for fifteen days and then repeat the process once again.

This is completely safe for your children and it can improve their immune system and protect them from various diseases. You do not need to use this remedy all the time, which is also another advantage of it.