There are many benefits of drinking coffee. This drink has powerful antioxidant characteristic and is excellent preventer of colon cancer. It can protect you from many other serious diseases as well.

The chlorine genic acid in coffee contains the antioxidants. These antioxidants are found in fruits as well. Even though, antioxidants are beneficial for our body, these antioxidants can be a treat to our body if consumed on an empty stomach.

Drink Coffee
People suffering from gastritis feel the hydrochloric acid in the digestive tract, and coffee before a meal stimulates secretion of this acid. The function of this acid is to decompose the food, so the secretion of it without food in the digestive tract is quite dangerous. The consequences of drinking coffee on an empty stomach are seen when we consume a heavy meal. The meal is difficult to decompose and the proteins are broken down.

The proteins cause bloating, intestine inflammations, vomiting and irritation. Even colon cancer can be the result of the broken down proteins.

Drink coffee after eating a piece of bread or something else. You should also wait for an hour to pass after you get out of bed. The levels of cortisol increase when we get up. These levels need time to become normal, therefore you should wait for an entire hour before drinking the first cup of coffee.

Add butter or milk to your coffee if you are not used to eating breakfast or you cannot forget about a cup of coffee on an empty stomach.