Dr. Peter Dadamo says that people should choose food based on the type of blood, be healthier and live longer. We present you how to eat according to your blood type.

Recently, one theory appeared and it says that people can be prone to different diseases and that can depend on their blood type. Antigens which produce antibodies and those are specific for each blood type. They can decide what kind of food you should eat in order to be healthy and what type to avoid.

0 blood type

For people who have blood type 0 it is recommended eating foods that contain a lot of protein, vegetables, lean meat, and poultry.

For losing weight eat red meat, seafood, broccoli and spinach. Do not eat corn, wheat, cabbage and lentils, as well as salty foods.

A blood type

The most appropriate blood type for vegetarianism. People with A blood type should eat beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

In order to lose some weight they should eat soy, vegetables, pineapple and avoid meat. Entering fish and poultry meat should be limited.

B blood type

People with this blood type digest meat products with ease. Therefore, most of their meals should contain red meat.
Also, they should consume milk products, yogurt, cheese and milk.

AB blood type

This blood type is the rarest blood type. They have the ability to digest meat easily, but additionally if the meat is not digested it can be converted into fat.

People who have AB blood type should eat vegetables, also tofu, dairy products and fruits.