Some people prefer to use it, others not, mainly because if its smell. But, it has incredible effects on your health. It is best to use it uncooked, only because cooking destroys his health effects.

Red onion can be eaten in combination with other food, but it can be also eaten as a separate dish for lunch.

There are 7 explanations why you should include red onion on you food menu:

1. Red onion prevents the growth of the cancer cells

Onion contains sulfuric compounds that prevent the growth of ulcers or other kinds of cancer. These compounds also fight against the bacteria in the urinary tract.

2. Red onion controls diabetes

The consummation of uncooked onion also accelerates the output of insulin. In case you are diabetic, you should eat a lot of uncooked red onion.

3. Red onion salves constipation

Onion fibers are useful for constipation. They eliminate the toxins from your intestines.

4. Red onion helps with sore throat

Red onion is especially useful for sore throat and cold.

5. Red onion prevents nose bleeding

Red onion is used to prevent nose bleeding. Nose bleeding is also prevented by smelling the red onion.

6. Reed onion protects the heart

Except it regulates the high blood pressure, it also protects the body from coronary diseases.

7. Red onion regulates cholesterol levels

Except it regulates the cholesterol level, it also decreases LDL – the bad cholesterol.