Fight the Flu With Probiotics

With people finding more and more uses for probiotic supplements, it is a tempting thought to take them if you are trying to fight the flu. However, doubts creep in and you’re left wondering if probiotics are truly enough to fight the flu. You will often read about the good bacteria, yeasts, and health benefits brought by probiotics, but it is important to know what to realistically expect when taking probiotic supplements.

With an imbalanced gut, you make yourself more prone to infections. With the right probiotics, you can restore the balance of your gut which in turn can help your immune system recover. Probiotics can also help you feel energized and get rid of that sapped energy feeling.

Maintaining Gut Health

Your GI tract is perhaps the most important part of the body. It is in charge of separating the nutrients from the food that you are taking in and ensuring that anything entering your mouth leaves your body correctly. It is still very important to note that there are different strains with probiotics. There are those that are much better used while you are in your best condition in contrast to the probiotic supplements that are suggested to be used when you are trying to fight off negative conditions such as the flu.

You may be wondering why this is the case, but we can look at two of the most important things at play:

Good bacteria will prevent all of the viruses it encounters inside your body from spreading any further which reduces the burden on you by reducing the severity of the symptoms that you are feeling

Good bacteria can communicate to your body that it was not able to neutralize the virus inside so you have to produce the substances needed to neutralize it yourself

Both of these play an important role in ensuring that you are fighting off flu the correct way.

Comparison With Antibiotics

The most common thing that you’ll hear when you have the flu is that you have to take an antibiotic. If the “anti” is what works when it comes to preventing the flu from getting worse, then why would you take the “pro”. It’s actually a simple answer: probiotic supplements help all of the microbes in your body.

Cases where probiotics made the flu of a person worse are very rare and far apart. They are also brought upon by a number of other factors not directly related to the flu. When your body receives the boost that it needs in order to neutralize the virus inside, then you have a better chance of fighting off the flu without having to actively kill it along with important bacteria.

When we say that you’re killing the bacteria inside your body, that’s factually correct with antibiotics. Although antibiotics do kill the virus, you are also risking both good and bad bacteria found in your body. That is the reason why you don’t feel instantly well even though you no longer exhibit any symptoms of the flu.

Your body is still trying to recover from all the damage that the antibiotics left behind. If you are not willing to go all in on this course, then you can try taking probiotic supplements right after you fight off flu with antibiotics to see how fast you can recover.

If you are constantly feeling drained or end up always battling the flu, probiotic supplements might do you good. Here’s how it works.



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