Many vegetables and fruits have little stickers with digits. You can use them to see if they were organic or conventionally grown and you can find out if they were genetically modified as well.

You will benefit a lot from this information:

The health risks — genetically modified foods can be found in the stores since the beginning of 1990s and the long-term health risks are actually unknown.

The environmental risks — many scientists are worried the GMOs can decrease biodiversity.

The taste benefits — many people from the entire world share the same opinion: the range of flavors is actually greater without the GM foods that crowd out the different natural varieties.

What to look for:

• A number with four-digits means that the product is conventionally grown;
• A number with five-digits that starts with 9 means that the product is organic;
• A number with five-digits that starts with 8 means that the product is genetically modified.

The GMO producers are very effective when it comes to elimination of the legislation which would require from them to label the GM products. However, many grocery stores and markets in the USA do not post those signs along with the product and you do not know that they are genetically modified.

That is why you have to check the number on the sticker; it is a simple and safe way to discover the origin of the product.

How to do it:

If you notice a number with five-digits which starts with the number 8, do not buy the product because it is genetically modified. It applies to any vegetables or fruits in the section of fresh products.

Why it is important to avoid genetically modified products?

They are the biggest threat against the sustainability of humans. The non- GM crops can get can contaminated and the same can happen to the crops that are organic and in the end all crops will be full with GM elements. The worst part is that the health risks are not fully revealed.

Most of the things that are revealed are dangerous. During the last year, one study that was commissioned by the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, confirmed that GM corn can seriously affect the reproductive health among mice.

These results were terrifying and the GM opponents voted for instant ban of the GM crops and foods, because they wanted to protect the fertility of women in the world and the health of the human race.

There are at least 65 dangerous health risks that are related to GM foods. The GM expert Jeffrey Smith documented them. Among them you can find:

– Rats’ offspring that were fed with GM soy discovered lower birth weights, a five-fold increase in mortality and they were unable to reproduce.

– Male mice that were fed with GM soy damaged the young sperm cells.

– The embryo offspring of the mice that were fed with GM soy had changed the DNA functioning.

– Some farmers from the USA announced fertility or sterility problems among cows and pigs that were fed with GM corn types.

– Investigators in India reported abortions, fertility problems, premature births and many serious health problems, such as deaths among buffaloes that were fed with GM cottonseed products.

Additionally, it is known that GM foods are allergenic. According to the research that as conducted by Smith, between 1994 and 2001 — the time when GMO products appeared on the market – the number of diseases that were food related doubled.

Another compelling evidence say that genetically modified potatoes can cause cancer among rats. The research was conducted by Dr. Arpad Pusztai. However it was kept a secret for approximately 10 years since the industry backers doubted the results.

In 2007 one study conducted in Russia confirmed the link. That is why Dr. Pusztai was immediately suspended from his job, threatened with legal action if he tried to speak anything related to this matter and had to give away all his information.

The time passes by and it is crystal clear that the no one proved the safety of the GM foods. If you still eat them, you will join the largest and most unethical experiment in history: the consequences that can happen to people when they eat GM foods. In the USA, the introduction of GM foods in the diet was quiet and the mandatory labeling which has to be done in many industrialized countries was not present.

People were not aware of the impact that GM foods can have on their health. They didn’t know which products had GM ingredients and the biotech industry was gambling with the human health in order to make more profit.

Which foods have the highest chance of being genetically modified and how to avoid those foods?

Maybe all of these products and we recommend avoiding them:

• Corn
• Soy
• Canola
• Cottonseed

You should avoid or limit the use of products that contain these ingredients including vegetable oils, high-fructose corn syrup and maltodextrin. Actually, because soy and corn are extremely used in processed foods, almost 70% of the processed foods that you can find on the market contain GM ingredients. That is 7 out of 10.

This is another strong reason why you should stop consuming processed foods.

These are other GMO products:

• Some types of papayas from Hawaii, zucchini and crookneck squash.
• Milk that contains rbGH.
• Rennet (contains GM enzymes) which is used to for making hard cheeses.
• Aspartame (NutraSweet).

You should avoid all of the above-mentioned products. You can eat them only if they are certified organic. This is a huge step and you will reduce the intake of genetically modified foods.

Buy products which are non-GMO or certified organic. This is another way to reduce the intake of GMO foods.

Do not forget to check the number with five-digits. If it starts with the number 8 it is GM – do not buy it. If you buy at a food coop or a farmer’s market and the products do not have stickers simply ask the farmer if the product is GM or not.

It is difficult to eat products that do not contain GM because the product labeling is not required in the USA. However you can protect your health with these simple tricks and tips.