Finer Options for the Best IVF

Finer Options for the Best IVF

Take care of yourself by removing alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and caffeine from your lifestyle. Prefer to consume dishes that you have prepared yourself.

Do not get overwhelmed by negative thoughts

A euphoric day, the next day’s down: you swing between hope and discouragement. Do not let your morale play the roller coaster. You need all your energy to cross these few days of waiting that separate your in vitro fertilization (IVF) or artificial insemination of your pregnancy test, to achieve as recommended by the specialist.

Adopt a positive attitude by dividing the emotions possibly increased by the hormonal treatment and the legitimate doubts. It is natural to feel helpless in the face of the unknown, but under no circumstances should you give in to pessimism. With the search fertility doctors near me you can have the finest option now.

Do not try to interpret each of the potential signs of pregnancy

Vaginal discharge, slight bleeding, swollen breasts, tiredness, nausea, feeling full bladder, loss of period, stiffness in the lumbar or abdominal pain can be explained by the assisted procreation treatment that you have just submitted. These symptoms are not necessarily signs of pregnancy.

On the other hand, you can be pregnant and not feel any of these symptoms. The only way to be fixed is to wait for the pregnancy test that will take place within a fortnight. With the natural cycle ivf this is the best deal now.

Look for support to wait without stress

Before thinking of consulting a psychologist, consider the “Zen” activities that could provide you with moral support to wait until the test is completed with confidence. Among the different disciplines that can relieve your stress, why not try to control your emotions through yoga? Practiced gently, this activity can provide you with the psychic well-being that is currently lacking.

Tai chi chuan or qi gong, playing on global energy functions and meditation, allow breathing to work to release blockages and promote mental and spiritual appeasement.

If none of these proposals tempts you, you can opt for a break that will allow you to evacuate your dark thoughts by pampering yourself, during a massage or a beauty treatment.

Surround yourself with your loved ones

In this time of anxiety and doubt, do not stay alone. Friends, family, partner or spouse, do not hesitate to take time for yourself and to surround yourself with loving people who can support you.

Your couple may have been compromised during your medically assisted procreation (ART) treatment. Constraints have been heavy in recent months, exams intimate reports punctuated by a schedule imposed. Both of you have experienced conflicting emotions, ranging from hope to anxiety, to wanting to give up or disappointment.

It is time, if it is not already the case, to cross this stage with two. Favor situations where you can talk. Go out in love or organize a weekend in “just you and me” mode. Take the opportunity to break with your isolation and ban all unsaid to maintain balance in your relationship.

Avoid self-medication

Colds, toothache, headaches are ailments that one treats in most cases without calling on one’s doctor. If usually, a tablet of analgesic is enough to overcome these small health concerns, it is not the same during the two weeks when you expect to have confirmation of being in girdle. Before taking any medicine on your own, please consult your specialist.


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