One of the main things that can lead to serious sickness and problems is the irritation. The immune system responds with a certain systematic aggravation.

We present you a medication that can destroy irritation. It is a simple protective layer that will help you in any time.

It will taste delicious and it is contains cashew drain and its healing flavors.

The irritation is causing many diseases that never end and most of them start in our stomach and then the immune system responds with certain systematic aggravation. That aggravation attacks and most of the time we go to the pharmacy and reach for medicines. It does not matter what medicine we buy because if you use them for a long period of time it may cause different problems concerning our wellbeing.

You should know that not all aggravations hurt. If you have an intense irritation it means that your body is defensive and reacts to the danger or contamination. If you feel that your organs are swollen, the aggravation that you have tends to mend your body and restores the typical capacity of the tissue. In cases where the aggravation continues as a response from the immune system, some wellbeing complexity or even sensitivity it may get constant and that may lead to serious problems.

There are many different Indian flavors that may help with torment and aggravation. Turmeric contains curcumin, which it is one of the most famous anti-inflammatory compounds and helps in destroying the inflammation and its properties are so useful that they can be found in many medicines for joint pain.

If you combine black pepper and turmeric you will assist your body in assimilating and digesting the curcumin. That is due to the high content of piperine. The dark pepper is known for its antibacterial properties and the mitigating advantages and helps in preventing cancer. It is perfect ingredient for people who have problems with their digestive system.

We are sure that you have heard about ginger, which is known for its calming properties. People use it in the Asian cuisine for cooking and you can get it in fresh, powdered, cured form and purchase it in any store.

Take a small piece of crisp ginger, add some lemon zest and add it in water. You will get perfect hydration. The ginger can do wonders for your stomach and migraine.


The cinnamon is known for its rich flavor and people use it in different sweet dishes, oats, yoghurts etc. It can replace sugar and enhance the flavor and it has mitigating properties.

The nuts and seeds are famous for their monounsaturated fats and they help in building supplement absorption. You should consume nuts and seeds in moderate amount and you can mix them or bite them. You can also use nuts to make butter or even milk. It will have an amazing silky structure.

People who want to recover from certain stomach problems need to minimize the dairy intake, since dairy is full of sugar. Other people who have sensitive stomach can also fail to make enough lactase, which is the compound needed to handle dairy.

We present you the perfect drink for a perfect dinner.

You will need:

– 250 ml. cashew milk
– ½ tsp. turmeric*
– ½ tsp. cardamom*
– ¼ cinnamon*
– ¼ tsp. ginger*
– Vanilla powder**
– Split dark pepper**
– Fluid stevia (6 drops)
– 2 star anise

*all of them need to be ground.
**a squeeze


Heat up the cashew milk and then add the cinnamon, vanilla, pepper and blend to get a silky structure.
Pour it over a fine sifter and enjoy.