How Long Do You Have To Wear Your Invisalign?

The days of struggling with the discomfort of traditional metal braces are gone. Today, patients who want to straighten their teeth without the hassle, pain, and unsightly metal surrounding their teeth now have Invisalign in Reston. As its name suggests, Invisalign are removable invisible aligning devices that patients wear to slowly straighten their teeth.

Since the aligned trays are removable, patients are encouraged to follow a strict schedule of when and how long to use them. For those who are curious about this new teeth straightening method, here are some of the basic facts about Invisalign that dentists want patients to know:

How Long Does Invisalign Take To Work?

A typical treatment usually lasts up to 12 months, but the time it takes to straighten teeth will depend on the patient. Others may complete the treatment in just 9 months if their teeth aren’t severely crooked while others can take up to 18 months. Your dentist will inform you of your personal timeline and also update you in case the treatment is shortened or requires additional months.

How Many Alignment Trays Do I Need?

The removable alignment trays are the only thing used and needed to straighten the teeth. Patients are required to come in for a checkup and new tray fitting every two weeks. Any delay in the change of the trays can also cause a delay in the treatment.

Old alignment trays that have already moved the teeth into the required position must be changed as soon as possible. Make sure to stick to all your required dental appointments for your Invisalign in Reston.

How Many Hours A Day Are The Trays Worn?

Patients are required to use their alignment trays for at least 22 hours a day and no less than 20 hours. Since the trays are practically invisible, there is no need to worry about them affecting your smile. As long as the fit is perfect, the trays will not affect your speech either.

The trays should be worn to sleep to maximize their straightening capabilities. If the trays are not worn regularly for the suggested minimum number of hours, the rate of movement will be affected.

Is It Painful?

Metal braces have a reputation for being painful to the point of causing blisters. Invisalign is not painful at all. In most cases, patients often feel a slight discomfort when wearing new trays, but that is normal. As your teeth start to adjust, the discomfort will slowly fade and the trays will no longer bother you.

What Can Cause Alignment Delays?

Some patients may find that they are required to wear the alignment trays longer than others. There are several reasons why your dentist is adjusting your timeline. First and most common reason: patients do not follow the schedule. It is important to follow the strict schedule or risk additional expenses and delays in the straightening process.

Patients who suffer from teeth grinding, TMJ, and severe malocclusion are also required to wear Invisalign longer. Some can take up to two years, depending on their condition.

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