The Hunza people have been known as people who live longer and have a healthy lifestyle. The main reasons for their healthy and long-lasting life are considered to be the diet and the food quality, as well as their everyday routines.

In the town of Hunza, which is situated in the North of Pakistan, on the valley of the Hunza River, live the Hunza people. When you see them for the first time, they look like strong, robust and happy people.

On average, the Hunza people live over 100 years, which was the basic topic for many anthropologist studies, which were carried out in order to find out more about their lifestyle, routines and traditions.

They look like Caucasians, who strife for respect and cordiality, not for anger and war. In addition, they have a vegetarian diet, which keeps them string and healthy. They do regular exercises, because they constantly look for food. They are almost never ill, and they have never heard about cancer or other health issues, which we constantly struggle up with.

Now, in this article, we are going to show you why the Hunza people are considered to be the oasis of youth.


Their secret is related to their healthy lifestyle. Their vegetarian diet, which is the main factor for their strength and health, is loaded with carbohydrates and fruits, but without proteins. In the summer, they tend to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, whereas in the winter they eat sheep cheese, dried apricots, and grains, like wheat, barley and millet.

They eat meat, mainly chicken or lamb, but only once or twice per year.

Traditionally, they make fasts, when they consume just apricot juice. The fasts happen before the fruit maturing as a waiting ritual. According to the experts, the fasts help the Hunza people to become even stronger. In fact, the increased intake of apricot lowers the risk of experiencing cancer.

Namely, the apricot seeds are used for producing oil, which is rich in Vitamin B17, an anti-cancer compound. Moreover, the Hunza people are never still. They are got to walking or travelling from 15 – 20 kilometers in search of food or herbs. Furthermore, the orderly also go on these walks, without experiencing any uneasiness or pain.

According to the experts, another factor, which contributes to their longevity, is their routine of having a bath with ice water. They usually have a bath in water with temperature of below 0º.

In comparison to the other people of Pakistan, the Hunza people keep the highest literacy rate. They celebrate courtesy, wisdom, and tolerance. People, who have already meet them, say that they never behave in an unfriendly way and never mistreat their neighbors or talk rude about them.

However, they are always polite and respect each other equally. Even though, they profess the Muslim religion, they never force the women to hide their face.

They celebrate independence and preponderant values, since they strive for keeping and preserving the food of the whole Hunza tribe.