Everyone hates cobwebs around the house, on the ceilings, walls and corners. Clean homes don’t usually attract spiders, and messy ones are a much better option, so if you keep your house clean all the time, such insects won’t give you much trouble.

But, no matter how often you’re cleaning your house, garden, terrace, spiders will always reach you.

How to eliminate them?

Spiders as well as other insects cannot stand the smell of mint. So we have a great idea! Plant mint in your house!
This plant has strong scent so it will keep your home safe from spiders, bugs, fruit flies and other insects…

You can also add some essential oil with water and mint, 10 drops in every liter of water and put this mixture into a spray bottle.

With this combination, spray the corners in the rooms, terrace, yard and all other spaces.

The smell of this spray is pleasant for you, but it’s awful for these insects. Also, the air is will be fresher and additionally, it isn’t toxic for people.