Everyone is appalled at the thought of bodily waste in the pool, but then again, every fourth swimmer does this.

Peeing in the pool is not only unsanitary, but also toxic!

The pleasant water, the illusion of privacy, great distance of the toilets … All this can encouraged people to ultimately urinate in the pool , and studies show that this is a regular thing for at least every fourth swimming pool visitor.

The unsanitary act is not only disgusting, but seriously threatens the health, claim scientists from the American Chemical Society.

Pools are normally treated with chemicals such as chlorine to destroy bacteria in water, like Salmonella or Escherichia coli, however, these disinfectants react with human sweat, dirt and urine.

These interactions are called disinfection by-products, and the famous “smell” of the pool is actually a result of mixing chlorine with ammonia, not the chlorine alone.

This compound is also known as trichloramine, and it is the reason why some people experience unpleasant symptoms such as tingling in the eyes and even asthma attacks when they are in a public swimming pool.

Other produced gas is cyanogen chloride, which is detrimental for the lungs, heart and central nervous system .

Although the compound is formed with the combination of sweat and chlorine, scientists claim that 90 percent of the harmful gases are coming from urine.