Beetroot has been used since the ancient times in the treatment of various health issues. It was particularly used by ancient Greeks and Romans for lowering the high body temperature.

It contains various vitamins and nutrients such as magnesium, zinc, betaine, saponins, iodine, chlorine, flavonoids, sodium, calcium and natural nitrites.

Chlorine is known by its hypoallergenic properties which improve the function of various organs and clean the lymph, kidneys and gallbladder.

Beetroot has rich nutrient density which treats various health issues such as sleeping disorders, diabetes, anemia, weak immune system, hypertension, thyroid problems and atherosclerosis. Red color of the urine is the only side effect of the beetroot.

In the following text you can find out more about the benefits of this plant:

• Beetroot improves the blood circulation
The mouth bacteria convert the beetroot nitrates into nitrites and increase the blood circulation.

• It detoxifies the liver
The betain helps the liver function.

• Beetroot also treats menopause symptoms and menstrual disorders
It contains high percent of iron which regenerates the red blood cells. It treats the symptoms of the menopause and the menstrual disorders.

• Beetroots prevent and treat cancer
According to the studies beetroot juice shows anti-tumor effects, it protects and promotes the regeneration of cells.

• It regulates the blood tension
Nitrates reduce the blood tension. Only 2 glasses of beetroot juice daily reduce the blood tension dramatically.

• It has anti-inflammatory effects
It is also rich in antioxidants which increase the function of the immune system and treat inflammation.

• Beetroot treats constipation
Its juice improves the metabolic processes and various digestive issues. In that way it also helps the constipation.

• It treats anemia and Iron deficiency
It prevents and treats anemia and helps the regeneration of the blood cells due to the high levels of iron.

• Beetroots are also good for muscles
For better athletic results and muscle power and strength consume the beetroot juice regularly.

• It makes the skin look healthier
The high percent of folate treats various skin issues and removes the wrinkles, making the skin look glowing and healthy.

• It is also beneficial for the mental state and mood
Beetroot juice with beet greens is rich in tryptophan and betaine which has relaxing effects on the mind and successfully treats depression.

• Prevents congenital abnormalities
Folic acids and folate are the main constituents of the beetroot which prevent congenital abnormalities. The consumption of the beetroot juice is highly recommendable during pregnancy.