How Can You Restore The Body You Had Before The Pregnancy, And How Can Surgical Procedure Make Your Breast Symmetrical

Restore The Body You Had Before The Pregnancy

Many women desire to have a nice shaped body. For some, attractive women have well-balanced proportions, where the size and the shape of the breasts are in good ration with the flat stomach and narrower waist. But, after pregnancy, the body can change a lot and it’s not easy to return it to the previous state.

While women after pregnancy struggle with sagging breasts, limp skin and fat tissue on the stomach, some women have a problem with the breast asymmetry.  Asymmetry is usually not visible when a woman is wearing a bra, but still many women don’t like their breasts that way, so they decide to undergo the breast symmetry surgery.

The mommy makeover procedure

The mommy makeover is considered cosmetic surgery after pregnancy. Many women, after pregnancy, are dealing with weight gain, stretch marks, sagging breasts, loss of muscle tone and many others. That is why modern medicine has designed the procedure that will encompass all the possible issues in one procedure.

A tummy tuck is an important part of the complex mummy makeover procedure

A tummy tuck is an important part of the complex mummy makeover procedure

This complex procedure can include vaginal rejuvenation, tummy tuck procedure, breast volume adjustment, and breast lift procedure, waist sculpting and buttock augmentation, tight reduction, upper arm skin tightening. Depending on the changes on your body, you will decide, alongside your doctor, which parts of your body you would like to treat.

If you live in Australia, the mommy makeover Sydney from Breast & Body Clinic can be a solution for you. The cost of the procedure varies from the place and complexity, but the average price is from 10 000$ to 30 000$.

Breast symmetry surgery

This procedure is performed to correct the breast deformations, different breast sizes or different positions of the nipples. Most women have a problem with one breast, where the breast is slightly bigger than the other or when the shape of the breasts is different. This is caused mostly by genetics, but it can appear after pregnancy and menopause.

Restore The Body You Had Before The Pregnancy

Symmetry defines beautiful breasts

In breast symmetry Surgery according to Breast & Body Clinic, different techniques can be included so the breast will look similar as much as possible. These techniques are breast augmentation, which will increase the size of the breasts, breast reduction, for reducing the size of one of the breasts and breast uplift, to lift and firm drooping breasts.

If the woman is breastfeeding or it’s pregnant, she cannot undergo this procedure. Also young women, under the age of 18, are not good candidates. Women who smoke can have complications, and women who are not realistic about their goals can be turned down for this procedure.

Final word

Both surgeries are a little bit complicated, but the results will last for years. It is necessary to be in good general health, so your body will easily go through the recovery period, giving you a new beautiful look.


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