Maybe when the weather is warmer we sleep with less wardrobe on us, but when the weather becomes colder and the autumn starts, especially in the evening we immediately go to the closet and take out our nightwear.

We are now ready for the cold nights – well this is not true.

This is why 6 should not sleep naked:

Number 1: Have a better sleep

There are many studies that have proven that if you sleep in a cooler room, you will sleep much better sleep and you will wake up rested. “Our body temperature drops when we go to sleep and this is quite normal. So you can change that if you get too warmed up because you’re wearing thick pajamas.” – Says Dr. Lisa Shives.

Number 2: You will eat better

Since we sleep better without the excess clothing that made you sweat and turn unnecessarily in your bed, your body will have more time to recover from the activity and stress that you had during the day. The stress hormone, cortisol is reduced when you sleep. High levels of cortisol in the body will make you hungrier and it will make you to eat foods with more calories, or to eat something sweet after dinner.

Number 3: Your partner will be thrilled

We should eliminate the fact that the “accessibility” will be much better when we sleep without clothes, but the feeling is perfect when there is a contact between you and your partner. When the body parts that are usually covered with a layer of clothing are touched the oxytocin is released and you will feel good and you will want to cuddle. So doctors say that the sex will be much better with more enjoyment.

We believe doctors – try this.

Number 4 – you will wake up much easier

The fact that you will sleep better, your body will be rested, you will feel healthier and you will feel reborn. Then you won’t have to do yoga – you will just have to sleep naked.

Number 5 – You can lose weight if you sleep naked

Some scientists have proved that if you sleep naked you will burn more calories. The reason is because our organism will have to spend more energy in order to heat our body – which again makes sense.

Number 6 – Your hair will look more beautiful

This reason is certainly one of the favorite among women. Sweat is awful in every sense, but it is even greater problem when it comes to hair damage. The salt from the sweat can severely damage your hair and hair roots. So you will wash your hair more often and you will cause greater damage to the scalp and this will go in a circle. We come to one logical conclusion: if you are comfortable at night, you will sweat less and you will have healthier hair.
In this case, sleep well and of course sleep naked.