Nicotine is the reason why smokers are addicted and they keep on smoking. It is really addictive substance which makes the organism to crave for more. This means that more you consume it, the more addicted you get.

A lot of people are aware that smoking is a really bad for the health and they all know that it is really hard to quit and stop this dangerous habit.

If you do not use nicotine, your body won’t get what it really needs and you will fell huge discomfort and you will desperately need a cigarette. It is hard phase and you will need a lot of time to use how to live without cigarettes.

After one week, all physical symptoms will stop. However, the craving is going to bother you for a certain period of time. It is important to find a way how to quit smoking and at that moment you will have to learn more about Stevia.

How powerful STEVIA is?

Recently, one study that was conducted in Germany discovered that Stevia can help a lot of people who quit smoking also stopped drinking alcohol.

Stevia originates in Paraguay and it is actually plant from the chrysanthemum family. For a long period of time it is used like a sweetener.

Stevia can block the craving signals which are sent by the brain and it can release you from the cigarette craving.

If you are willing to quit smoking, you have to take few drops of stevia and it can do the trick for you. Once you start to feel like you want to light a cigarette, you have to take stevia and drop few drops under your tongue. This way it will help you to get rid of the craving.

Stevia can be found in the form of liquid or powder. You can find it in the store for healthy foods or in supermarkets and in different healthy foods aisles.

People who have problems with hypertension and people who are overweight can also experience different health benefits from stevia. Diabetics can also use stevia.

This plant has miraculous abilities and it can destroy the desire for nicotine. It can be highly beneficial for your skin, because it will nourish, tighten and smooth the skin, which can be used like a mask. It can have amazing effects against acne and it can be very effective for fighting dermatitis.

You can grow stevia in your home

Stevia is actually a perennial plant and it enjoys warm temperature and sun, and that is why it is not able to survive in freezing conditions. However, the root can survive in zones 9 and warmer, and it can grow in spring. It is amazing root that can also survive in zone 8 too, if you protect it well.

You should plant stevia in 12-inch containers and before you decide to plant it, you have to know that you have to use potting soil that has high quality. You should expose the plant under direct sunlight and water it when the surface of the soil is dry.

Planting, soil and growing care

It is important that the stevia plant has to have a 18 inches space. You have to use loamy, loose and well-drained soil, because it is the best option for the plant. It can grow about 1-3 feet height and this depends on the growing season.

You should plant the stevia plant once the frost passes and you have to use compost or Vegetable Plant Food and Bonnie Herb. Read the instructions on the label and stick to them. During summer, you should use mulch which will stop drying of the stevia. If you have planted the stevia in a pot, you should get the same plant mulch and food.


Storage and harvest

Stevia blooms in fall and you should trim off its flowers. This way the stevia will grow new leaves. In the fall, stevia has small and white flowers. It also stretches out.

In fall when all good leaves are not in huge number, you should clip off their blooms and at that time the plant is going to release more leaves.

In autumn the stevia leaves are the sweetest. They have amazing taste before it beings blooming. When the stevia leaves are plucked, you should dry them out and use them. You should cut the stems off and get rid of the tender stems and leaves.

The leaves of the stevia have to be scattered on a fabric that is loosely woven or on a non-metal surface. The best way to dry out the stevia leaves is in the sun, on open air.

The process of drying of the stevia leaves should last for 1 day. Afterwards, they will become dump and you should pick them up and keep them in a container. If you want you can dry them using a food dehydrator. In the end crush the dried stevia leaves with a food processor or with your hand. You should make a powder from the leaves.


You should not use soggy soil for stevia plant. It very important that there is great drainage in the pot. Because of that the root can rot. If the stevia plant continues wilting even though it is not properly watered, the roots can rot or it can mean that certain insects can cause problem.

In the end, place the crushed stevia leaves or the stevia powder in a container. The stevia powder cannot be dissolved, but you can sweeten up your food and drinks for sure.