Diabetes, which is medically known as diabetes mellitus, is one dangerous heath problem. Diabetes has two fundamental types: type 1 diabetes which is the one where our body does not produces insulin and type 2 diabetes which is related to the type where our body does not makes enough insulin or the insulin which is created does not work properly.

One portion of the regular diabetes manifestations includes weight reduction, exhaustion, expanded pee, intemperate thirst, obscured vision and wounds and cut which are ease back to recuperate.

Even though there is no cure for diabetes, if you have your glucose level under control you will be able to carry on a completely ordinary life. There are a lot of diabetes solutions which will help you to control the glucose level.

These amazing recipes which are given below can help you to reduce the blood sugar levels and a lot of people who made this test, say that it can fix their problems in a week!

You will need:

1. Green Apple
2. Celery stalks
3. Handful Spinach leaves
4. Carrots


1. First you should wash and peel the apples and the carrots.
2. Then you should remove the seeds from the apple.
3. Add the ingredients in a juicer or a blender and combine them thoroughly.

Drink the mixture every morning before eating anything.

It is an amazing mixture that will help you to normalize the blood sugar levels and they will also help you to control the blood pressure.

Note: in order to get the quick results, you should drink it on a regular basis.

Health benefits

Green Apple: they contain a lot of malic acid, which is amazing for lowering the blood sugar levels.

Carrots: they are amazing for the eyes and they are able to regulate the blood flow.

Spinach: they contain a lot of Vitamins C, A and calcium.

Celery: it contains a lot of potassium and magnesium, Celery is amazing for controlling the high blood pressure.