Turn Your Passion for Yoga into a Good Career

Research on yoga shows that it is a grouping of mental, physical and spiritual disciplines originating from ancient India. Yoga is 1 of the 6 orthodox schools of traditional Hindu philosophy. There is a wide array of yoga schools as well as the practice and goals of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. The word “yoga” in the Western world mostly denotes a modern form of Hatha yoga as an exercise, made up largely of postures known as asanas and is a discipline that more and more are joining every year.

Yoga teach training certification

To become certified by Nesta or ASFA in order to get a Yoga teaching trainer certification is very easy and simple to obtain. In fact, most institutions that offer these certifications also offer the following:

  • 100% online web-based training
  • Ways to study at your own pace
  • Affordable payment plan options for the training

After this training, a person can then take an exam to earn a yoga certification that certifies they are able to train others in the discipline of yoga by classes or one-on-one individual training

Start a career as a yoga instructor

It is important that a career as a yoga instructor begins with a person who already has a good foundation as well as being dedicated to yoga. Otherwise, your students will feel that you lack this personal dedication. Just as important is an instructor who has a commitment to yoga on a regular basis. These are the two most important traits that a good yoga instructor really needs to have.

Yoga business ideas

A career teaching yoga can begin by working for someone else in their business. But the initial goal for most yoga instructors is to have their own business with instructors working for them. This should happen only after having some education in business practices. You also can have yoga retreats for others as well.

Turning a passion for yoga into a career

So, if you are passionate about the discipline of yoga and have been for many years, you can begin a very profitable career with this passion.


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